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Car accidents linked to traumatic brain injury in teens

Parents will do anything and everything to protect their children. When children are small, it seems a little easier to do compared to when they get older. While a small child can be susceptible to a traumatic brain injury, the causes of injury in young children are very different from the causes of head injuries suffered by teenagers. Car accidents, for instance, are a significant cause of brain injuries in teenagers here in Arizona and nationwide.

According to a recent study published in a noted medical journal, car accidents were linked to approximately 18 percent of head injuries in teens between the ages of 13 and 17. This number is greatly reduced for younger children who require the use of car seats, as parents are responsible for belting their children in. It is believed that educating teens on the value of seat belt use could reduce the number of head injuries teenagers suffer in car crashes.

Blunt force trauma injuries suffered in a car accident, particularly injuries to the head and neck, can cause disability or even death. The severity of these injuries are not always immediately apparent. As such, it would be advisable for anyone who has suffered a head injury in a crash to seek medical attention. Those who do survive a serious brain injury may require extensive medical treatment and specialized care in the future, which can come at a significant cost and take a toll on family finances.

While safety measures, such as seat belt use, are in place to help prevent major injuries, there are instances where brain injuries may still occur. Those in Arizona, regardless of age, who have suffered or lost a loved one due to a traumatic brain injury resulting from a car crash may be entitled to compensation. If negligence is found to have caused or contributed to the incident, a civil court in Arizona may grant the victim, or -- in the event of death -- the victim's surviving family members, pecuniary damages for any losses deemed recoverable under state laws.

Source:, "The Risk Of Brain Injuries Shifts As Children Grow Up", Alison Bruzek, Nov. 12, 2014

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