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How a brachial plexus injury occurs and recovery prospects for it

According to a study, conducted by Boston Children's Hospital, each year as many as four out of every 1,000 births result in the newborn suffering a brachial plexus injury. Babies with this type of injury experience an abnormal appearance and decreased function of their arm. This injury is caused by the nerves running from their neck through their hand being either stretched or severed.

Some of the more common birthing injuries your baby may face

Birth injuries define traumatic events that occur to the baby during the birthing process. While many newborns or their mothers may suffer minor injuries during birth that soon resolve without treatment, there are others that can either linger around for an extended period of time or that can be permanent.

Birth injuries caused by prescription drugs

Birth injuries are scary for both the parents and the baby involved. The most common birth injuries happen during the actual birthing process. In some instances, a birth injury can occur during the pregnancy if the mother was taking prescription drugs. These claims are typically filed against the doctor, pharmacy and pharmaceutical company.

The challenges facing a child with cerebral palsy

Your child's pediatrician told you that your child suffers from cerebral palsy. Now you wonder what this means for your child and your family and how this happened. You love your child and want to provide him or her with the best life possible under the circumstances.

Arizona personal injury: Vaginal tearing during childbirth

There is nothing easy about childbirth. It is a physically demanding process, one that can do some serious damage to a woman's body. Thankfully, labor and delivery medicine is always advancing and improving in order to help women in Arizona and elsewhere have better birthing experiences and reduce their chances of experiencing injuries. Unfortunately, personal injury -- such as vaginal tearing -- is still common, but in some cases it is preventable.

Arizona personal injury: Unnecessary hysterectomy postpartum

After giving birth, women in Arizona and elsewhere may experience postpartum complications. When they do, it is up to medical staff to take swift and appropriate actions to correct the issue in order to prevent any serious personal injury. Unfortunately, sometimes health care providers fail to consider all available options before offering treatment. This is what is believed to have happened to a woman in another state, resulting in her filing a medical malpractice claim.

Arizona personal injury: Parents win medical malpractice case

In another state, the parents of a child who was injured during labor and delivery was recently awarded a significant sum in court. This couple filed a medical malpractice claims against the hospital and staff believed responsible for the personal injury that has left their child permanently disabled. Parents in Arizona whose children have suffered such injuries may also be entitled to file similar claims in civil court in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

Arizona personal injury: Legal options following a birth injury

Seeing a child suffer or losing a child is often considered a parent's worst nightmare. Sadly, numerous parents in Arizona have been forced to deal with the pain associated with losing a child or seeing a child left disabled due to injuries suffered at birth. The financial, physical and emotional costs associated with such a personal injury can devastate a family. When a child experiences a birth injury, parents may be entitled to pursue civil claims against those parties believed responsible.

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