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Burn Injuries Archives

2 suffer personal injury at manufacturing facility

Two individuals were transported to a hospital after being hurt in an incident at a manufacturing facility in Arizona. Details of the incident are few at this time. However, the victims are said to have suffered burn injuries. Those injured may utilize workers' compensation benefits to help cover their losses, but they may also file personal injury claims against those believed responsible in an effort to seek further compensation.

Arizona personal injury: Gas line explosion injures 6

Authorities in Arizona are investigating the cause of a gas line explosion that injured six residents of an apartment complex in Payson. This incident reportedly occurred Nov. 5. There is still question about who is responsible for the incident. As more is learned about this event, those injured may be entitled to pursue personal injury claims in an effort to recoup their monetary losses.

Arizona personal injury: How are burn injuries classified?

It is not uncommon for one to suffer some form of burn injury during the course of a lifetime. In fact, many Arizona residents experience burn injuries in the comfort and safety of their own homes, though these injuries are, for the most part, not severe in nature. The personal injury one may experience as a result of a burn injury can vary depending on the degree of burn suffered. This week, this column will discuss how burn injuries are classified and what treatment options are utilized when severe burns occur.

Arizona catastrophic injury: Seek compensation for burn injuries

In Arizona and elsewhere, it is not uncommon for burn injuries to occur. Such injuries often result from accidents in peoples' own homes. However, there are many documented cases of burn injuries occurring as the result of other people's negligence. The victim of a catastrophic injury or -- in the event of fatality -- his or her surviving family members may not know where to turn for help. Thankfully, these individuals can seek compensation for their losses with the assistance of legal counsel.

Arizona car accident: DUI is a local and national concern

Drunk drivers can be found just about every day on roads throughout the country. Sadly, this is true in Arizona as well. As a result, numerous DUI-related auto crashes occur and rather frequently. When such a car accident does happen, the victims or -- in the event of fatality, their surviving family members -- are often left facing challenges which can be difficult to overcome.

Arizona personal injury: 2 injured in mobile home fire

An explosion at a mobile home park in Arizona resulted in three homes catching fire. Two people are said to have suffered critical injuries, while several other individuals required treatment for smoke inhalation. The personal injury suffered in such an event can have serious life-changing consequences. As such, the victims may be entitled to pursue legal actions against those believed responsible for this incident.

Arizona personal injury: Burn treatments can be rather extensive

When one has suffered a serious burn, he or she may require some rather extensive medical treatments. These treatments are done to help control pain, remove dead tissue, reduce scarring, prevent infection and even address emotional needs. This type of personal injury is difficult to recover from -- physically, emotionally and financially. Those in Arizona who have suffered burn injuries due to the negligence of others may have legal recourse.

Arizona personal injury: Baby suffers serious burn injury

A 24-year-old Arizona woman has been arrested and charged for her alleged involvement in injuring an infant. The baby is said to have suffered a serious burn injury after his babysitter put his arm in scalding water. The personal injury suffered was apparently so severe that the child reportedly required surgery as part of his medical treatment.

Personal injury suffered from burns is not just physical

Those in Arizona who have suffered burn injuries know that the pain endured is not just physical. The personal injury involved with this type of trauma can leave a victim psychologically damaged as well. For some, this is harder to cope with than any physical losses.

Arizona personal injury: Several injured in boat fire

Authorities in Arizona are currently investigating a boat fire that is believed responsible for injuring nine people. The incident reportedly occurred during an event for the International Jet Sports Boating Association at Lake Havasu. The personal injury one might suffer in such an accident can have life-changing effects. As such, those seriously injured may seek damages for any losses sustained as a result of this boat fire.

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