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What are some of the more common misdiagnosed medical conditions?

As patients, one of perhaps our greatest fears is going to see the doctor and him or her not being able to make a definitive diagnosis of what ails us. The other is likely hearing that we're suffering from some type of debilitating or terminal illness and having to confront the unknown.When it comes to medical conditions that are often misdiagnosed, there quite a few.

Hepatitis C is one of many medical conditions that doctors are slow to diagnose. Oftentimes, physicians don't narrow it down to a potential illness a patient has until after its caused him or her significant liver damage. Fortunately, there are now several different courses of treatment that can help reverse tell-tale signs of chronic liver disease.

Pregnant women induced after 39 weeks may have more complications

A study published on May 9 by researchers at the University of South Florida suggests that when pregnant women have their births induced, it may adversely impact their risk factors for birth injuries.

Researchers combed through the medical records for a significant sample of pregnant woman before reaching this conclusion. In doing so, they found that healthy women who have their labor induced at 39 weeks appeared to be far less likely to suffer complications including having to have a cesarean section C-section) than those who had this happen at the 41 week period or further along in their pregnancy.

How are physical injuries a sign of nursing home neglect?

Nursing home neglect, a type of abuse, is on the rise across the country despite increased demands made by federal officials that these assisted living facilities do a better job of reporting suspected cases.

Neglect in residential care facilities can take on many forms, but generally has to do with a person living there not receiving a level of care in alignment with what they need. In nursing homes, this often equates to residents not being provided with necessary assistance to move about or to consume their food. In other cases, it has to do with their basic hygiene not being taken care of.

Hospitals can be sued for their employee's negligence

When a patient checks into a hospital, they do so in hopes of being made to feel better, not worse. In an era in which hospitals have become money making operations instead of remaining focused on patient care, it's not unheard of for patients to receive substandard care.

Patients often suffer declines in the health or die as a result of a hospital or a doctor failing to provide a patient with a decent standard of care. In situations like this, hospitals or doctors are often sued for negligence.

What surgeries result in the most post-operative infections?

Anytime your skin is broken, you run the risk of infection since your skin works as a barrier to germs, bacteria and debris that could get inside your body. Arizona medical personnel know this, which is why they should keep a close eye on you after you undergo an invasive surgical procedure.

What begins as a minor infection could quickly become something life threatening such as sepsis if you are not properly monitored post-surgery. It may not surprise you to know that many medical malpractice claims involve infections that patients suffered after surgery.

Can a brachial plexus birth injury cause mental health problems?

If a mother's pelvis is not properly shaped or is too small and she attempts to have her baby via natural childbirth, then it's possible that her baby will suffer a brachial plexus birth injury (BPBI) during the delivery process.

A Swedish study, recently published in the Public Library of Science (PLOS) journal in March, suggests that children who suffer such injuries as infants have a higher propensity to have mental health issues as teens.

Certain behaviors in seniors strongly indicate elder abuse

A recent study, released by the National Council on Aging, suggests that one out of every 10 seniors over the age of 60 has been taken advantage of because of their age. The type of elder abuse these individuals experience includes verbal, emotional, physical and sexual exploitation or abuse. This population is also often abandoned or neglected by their caregivers.

Another study, recently published by the National Research Council, suggests that only one in 14 cases of these shortcomings in care ever get reported to the proper authorities. Those who ill-treat this population include home health care aides, spouses, nursing home attendants, adult children and other relatives.

Why do doctors often fail to diagnose medical conditions?

Each day across the United States, any number of patients will be wrongfully diagnosed with one condition when they actually have another. There are often one of three reasons misdiagnoses occur.

In one type of situation, doctors may limit their analysis of symptoms only to ones presented by the patient. Instead of asking more probing questions to see if they're presenting with something else, doctors quickly seek the simplest potential cause.

What are some signs that a nursing home is safe for my parent?

Every day across the United States, another family has to make a decision to have their elderly loved one take up ownership in either a nursing or assisted living facility. As much as a family may try to find a place that will cater to the needs of their loved one, one bad worker is all it takes for a potentially fatal incident to occur.

When you're considering different nursing homes for your loved one, it's important to physically go to it and check it out, even if you have to travel to the area to do so. When visiting the facility, you'll want to closely observe how residents are treated, how clean it appears to be, whether it seems that there are safety precautions in place to protect residents and even how the food is.

Foreign objects left inside a patient can prove fatal

Instances in which foreign objects are left inside patients after a surgical procedure are far from being on the decline. In fact, you may even personally know someone who has been affected by such an event. If you don't, a loved one likely knows a person who has had this happen to him or her.

There are some instances in which doctors intentionally leave either plates or screws in a patient's body. In these cases, they're purposefully left there to help a broken bone fuse back together or to keep a medical device or rod in place.

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