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Hemorrhaging and high blood pressure often kill new moms

A study published at the end of July by USA Today shows that thousands of pregnant American women either become injured or die each year because they're allowed to hemorrhage out during or immediately following childbirth. Others suffer debilitating strokes and other complications associated with high blood pressure.

The researchers note, in many cases, these women's lives could have been preserved if only their health care providers had been more attentive to them.

A fear of being sued motivates doctors to order more tests

A study recently published by researchers at both Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Duke suggests that doctors' fears of being sued for medical malpractice may motivate doctors to order 5 percent more tests than they otherwise would. They apparently do this even though the research shows that the added testing has failed to yield a reduction in the filing of medical malpractice cases.

According to the researchers, medical malpractice cases in America result in over $650 billion in losses each year. This accounts for at least a quarter of all money generated for health care on an annual basis.

What factors indicate that a nursing home is safe for my parent?

When the time comes to put a loved one into a nursing home, it's often our first time doing such a thing. While it's likely that many of us will have gotten personal recommendations or read online reviews before calling to set up a tour of a facility, many of us have heard the horror stories. It can help to know what to be on the lookout for that may send a message that it's a nursing home we don't want to send a parent to live at.

A list compiled by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) in conjunction with former nursing home staff members suggests that there are many factors to consider when choosing a nursing home.

A new study shows that physician fatigue results in misdiagnoses

A study published just this month by researchers at Stanford University captures how doctors struggle with both mental and physcial fatigue and how this may impact their ability to render timely diagnoses.

Researchers interviewed nearly 6,700 physicians for their study. At least 50 percent of them admitted to experiencing a wide range of burnout symptoms ranging from suicidal thoughts to profound fatigue.

Should your obstetrician order a C-section?

Just as the take-off and landing present the most danger to planes, so does the labor and delivery process to a pregnancy. It is during these times that so many things could go wrong. For this reason, your obstetrician and the nurses attending the birth of your child need to pay close attention to your and your baby's condition.

If something does go wrong, your obstetrician may determine that the best way to ensure the safety of both of you would be to do a Cesarean section.

Many surgical devices and tools can burn patients

While many of us could likely list off a number of things that could go wrong on the operating table, most of us wouldn't mention burns. From chemicals to electrical devices though, there are various products or tools that are used in the during surgeries that can seriously hurt a patient.

Chemical burns may occur if an electrode is paired with the incorrect conductive gel material. Improperly aerated equipment that is sterilized using Ethylene oxide may cause adverse chemical reactions resulting in burns. Laundry chemicals mixed with iodine prep solutions may cause them as well.

You should always question your cancer diagnosis

With a medical condition like cancer, the likelihood that a patient will survive such an illness is contingent upon how soon he or she is diagnosed and how quickly he or she begins treatment for it.

Generally, the earlier the diagnosis occurs, the higher the chance there is of doctors fully removing a tumor, something that can keep the disease from coming back again. Cancers detected at a later stage have a higher chance of having spread to other areas in the body and thus, responding poorly to treatment.

Arizona nursing home issues that warrant investigation

You can't be two places at once. This is no doubt one of the reasons you may have hesitated choosing nursing home care for your aging parent. Then again, if he or she has certain medical needs or has suffered mental decline, you may have logically determined that living independently was no longer a viable option. Like most loyal adult children in Arizona, you want what is best for your parent and realized that entrusting his or her care to licensed professionals may be best. 

Sadly, nursing home abuse is a problematic issue in this state and most others. If you believe a caregiver has caused your parent to suffer illness or injury, you can take immediate steps to further investigate the matter and seek justice on his or her behalf. To determine whether neglect or abuse has occurred, you first need to know how to recognize the symptoms of substandard nursing home care.  

Proving that a doctor was negligent is not always easy to do

Each year, many Americans either are misdiagnosed or receive a delayed diagnosis, have a doctor poorly perform a procedure on them or otherwise experience complications associated with a medical treatment or procedure.

Situations like these are so common, in fact, that the authors of one study published in 2013 referenced both cancer and heart disease as the top two leading causes of death in the United States. Medical malpractice ranked third on that list.

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