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October 2013 Archives

Dust storm causes pile up on I-10

The scene could be described as something out of a weather-related disaster movie. Billowing clouds of thick sand blanketing a section of highway and causing drivers to be caught in zero-visibility conditions. This was the scene on Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson where a dust storm caused a huge pileup.

Distracted driving suspected in fatal accident

Distracted driving has become such a national safety issue, that some people may wonder why so many drivers still use their cell phones while behind the wheel. After all, more than 30 states, including Arizona, have enacted laws banning the use cell phones by drivers (especially texting and driving). However, distracted driving still happens, and it can result in horrific accidents.

Crash with light rail train injures driver, several others

Driving in downtown Phoenix can be treacherous. Drivers must pay attention to one-way streets, pedestrian traffic and light rail trains. With all of these hazards and interactive distractions (e.g. cell phones, touch screen systems) it is no wonder that more traffic accidents occur in this region of the city.

Bikers involved in brawl with SUV driver could face civil suits

News outlets across the country have shown the video of a Range Rover on Manhattan’s West Side Highway being surrounded by motorcycle riders, a rider being run over by the SUV, and the violence that ensues. While some believe it was a brutal attack by a driver fueled by road rage, others see it as a necessary evil due to a reasonable fear of harm.