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December 2013 Archives

Arsenio Hall involved in one-car accident

Most celebrities take after ordinary people during the holidays. They shop for gifts, they spend time with family, and they take time off from work. Also like normal people, they sometimes are involved in traffic accidents. Some may be serious and involve injuries, others may be benign and only involve injuries to egos.

New safety guidelines to come for senior drivers

With their 2014 offerings, a number of automakers are focusing on crash avoidance (or collision detection) systems. While these technologies are certainly interesting, if not innovative bells and whistles to attract new buyers, they ostensibly are geared towards a growing segment of drivers: senior citizens.

Fast and Furious star killed in car accident

Tragedy struck Hollywood when actor Paul Walker and a friend were killed in a fiery car accident. According to an ABC News.com report, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies found a car engulfed in flames as they responded to calls about a crash in Valencia, a community 30 minutes northeast of Los Angeles. The Porsche they were riding in lost control and hit a tree and a pole before bursting into flames

Distracted driving to be a priority for Arizona DPS next year

The holiday driving season commonly brings about media campaigns about the dangers of drinking and driving, as well as impassioned pleas for Arizonans to use designated drivers or simply to use taxis when they are out on the town.