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May 2014 Archives

Are drowsy drivers a danger on Arizona roads?

If you are planning a long road trip for the summer, you are probably wondering if weather conditions will cooperate, how children will be occupied while in the car, and whether your vehicle is in good working order. While these are all valid concerns, drivers should be wary of the dangers of drowsy driving.

Road safety tips for Memorial Day weekend

It may have snuck up on a number of people, given the recent stories about wildfires and blockbuster movie openings, but the Memorial Day weekend holiday is upon us. With that, many people will take this time to travel to their favorite destinations. The American Automobile Association (AAA) expects more people to travel this year because a long, dreary winter, combined with more disposable income will lead people to make this weekend a vacation time.

Second trimester may be riskiest for pregnant women who drive

With the myriad of studies on the risks of pregnancy, it is probably an afterthought that it is dangerous for pregnant women to be behind the wheel in the later stages of their pregnancies. However, what can happen to a woman during the second trimester of pregnancy, when a woman is ostensibly more likely to feel her best?

Could you be the target of a driver-less car?

Imagine that you are driving along Interstate 10 in heavy traffic and a crash occurs just in front of you. In order to avoid the crash, or otherwise minimize the damage that could occur, you are posed with an impossible conundrum: swerve to the right to crash into a Toyota Corrolla, as well as the center divider, or swerve to the left to hit a Volvo sport utility vehicle (SUV) with passengers in it.

Pima county bike accident may prove to be expensive

A bicycle accident in Pima County may prove to be very expensive if a high-ranking public official has his way. According to several media reports, the county’s chief deputy administrator was injured in such an accident last summer while riding on the Dodge Boulevard Bridge at the Rillito River. During his ride, his front tire got stuck in a “drainage gap” which caused him to be thrown over the handlebars. He was severely injured in the crash. He suffered several broken bones in his back which reportedly required nine surgeries over the course of six months.