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August 2014 Archives

Catastrophic injury during delivery: options for Arizona families

The birth of a baby is a happy miracle that Arizona parents look forward to with great anticipation. They dream of the life their child will have and don't typically consider any possible complications. Unfortunately, medical professionals can make mistakes during delivery that can result in catastrophic injury to a baby. After such an unexpected and tragic event, families have several choices to make that can help their situation.

Arizona car crash may have involved alcohol

Car accidents are devastating under any circumstances. If they result in fatality, the family of the victim may wonder if anything could have been done to prevent the car crash. When the accident is caused by a drunk driver, that pain can be even more heart-wrenching, as the possibility is strong that the accident was avoidable. Arizona police claim that a recent fatal accident may have been due to the an intoxicated driver, though they are still investigating.

Arizona auto accident results in death of motorcyclist

Motorcyclists are keenly aware that they face risks that drivers of other kinds of vehicles do not have to contend with. Their increased exposure to potential danger makes it much more likely that they will be injured or even killed if they are involved in an auto accident. This is what police believe may have happened to one Arizona motorcycle rider who was killed in a crash involving a car.

Arizona car crash kills scooter driver

Motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate part of modern life. When they are fatal, they sometimes leave more questions than answers, as authorities try to determine exactly what happened, and the loved ones who are left behind wonder if anything could have prevented the tragedy. This is the precise situation facing Arizona police after a recent car crash between a car and a motorized scooter resulted in the death of the scooter driver.

4 injured in Arizona car crash; 2 in critical condition

The modern convenience of motor vehicles has proved to be both a benefit and detriment to society. Car accidents all too often result in the injury or death of innocent people. A recent car crash here in Arizona exemplifies this very fact, as police claim that a wrong-way driver is the cause of seriously injuring four people, including himself.