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Police chase ends in fatal car accident in Arizona

Some individuals may get a certain thrill out of attempting to leave a restaurant without paying. However, if they are confronted about such attempts, a serious situation could result. Parties may then try to flee the scene in their vehicle, but if they are traveling over the speed limit, that speed could potentially lead to the situation becoming even more devastating as a car accident could occur.

Arizona car crash with four vehicles, accused driver flees

When a car accident happens, the chance of injury is dependent upon many different factors. How fast the vehicles were traveling, the types of vehicles and the state of mind of the driver can all influence the outcome of a car crash. One possibility that many may not consider is that the chance of injury or fatality can be greater if more than just two vehicles are part of the crash. This is just what police are investigating in an Arizona crash involving four vehicles that left three people injured.

What effects could a traumatic brain injury have?

When a person suffers a head injury, the consequences could be long-lasting. A traumatic brain injury can not only impact a person's life and health, but can affect his or her family who may have to provide long-term care and assistance with finances. Though potential for financial, emotional and physical costs are high, if the injury was caused by another party in some way, the victim or his or her family may be able to file a civil claim against those responsible. Arizona families may find it helpful to understand just what a brain injury is and could result in to see the context of how civil litigation may be warranted.