Paralysis and other disabilities common after brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries affect well over a million Americans every year -- many of whom live in Arizona. The effects of such injuries can lead to paralysis, other disabilities -- which can be temporary or permanent -- and even death. As the damages suffered from a brain injury are life-altering or even life-ending, campaigns to educate the public about effective ways to help prevent such injuries are becoming more common.

To help spread the word about the effects of brain injuries, March has been deemed Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month. Of those who experience a significant brain injury, thousands lose their lives and millions are left with physical and cognitive impairments. According to a recent report, over $60 billion is spent yearly by brain injury sufferers, their family members and others to pay for the treatment, recovery and maintenance expenses associated with this type of injury.

Car accidents, falls and gun-related injuries are some of the most common causes of brain injuries. The rate of brain injuries suffered by those in Arizona, for these reasons, is said to exceed the national average. While advances in medicine have improved chances of recovery, it is believed that education about motor vehicle and gun safety could reduce the number of individuals that require medical attention for brain injuries.

Arizona residents who have suffered paralysis, other disabilities or who lost a loved one to a brain injury may be able to seek compensation for any losses incurred. While some injuries may simply be the result of an unavoidable accident, others may be related to negligence on part of another individual. If negligence is suspected, victims or their surviving family members can file civil claims against the party or parties believed responsible. Such claims, if successfully handled, could result in fair and full compensation for the damages sustained.

Source:, "Traumatic Brain Injury a concern locally and across the nation", March 15, 2015

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