Arizona catastrophic injury: Pregnancy-related maternal death

Pregnancy is generally an exciting time in a woman's life. However, concerns over the health of the baby and mother can also be overwhelming. Sadly, a number of issues may arise throughout the course of a pregnancy, or even during or after delivery, that can result in catastrophic injury to or even the fatality of a mother. Pregnancy-related maternal deaths -- though not as common now as in the past -- still affects numerous families in Arizona, leaving loved ones questioning what occurrences could have led to such terrible tragedies.

After discovering one is pregnant, a woman will typically consult a medical professional to ensure she and her baby remain healthy throughout the pregnancy and during delivery. Unfortunately, numerous problems can and do present themselves which, if not caught or appropriately treated, can have fatal consequences. Misdiagnosis, the use of defective medical equipment and even the lack of appropriate care, are just a few issues experienced by some expectant mothers.

The care rendered by physicians and other medical staff members can make all the difference in regard to the health of mothers. Any misstep in treatment can increase the chance of maternal death. If a woman dies during pregnancy or shortly after delivery, it is only reasonable for her surviving family members to question the actions of her medical providers and the safety of any equipment used -- either of which may have contributed to the death.

Pregnancy-related maternal death affects so many individuals, including partners, spouses and children. A loss of this magnitude is not only emotionally challenging, but often creates significant financial losses as well. An Arizona resident who suspects that negligence -- either by medical professionals and/or equipment manufacturers or suppliers -- resulted in the catastrophic injury or death of his or her loved one can pursue legal actions against those believed responsible. Claims that are managed successfully -- through litigation or out of court settlements -- can result in compensation for both the current and future losses surviving family members may experience as a result of maternal death.

Source: FindLaw, "Wrongful Death of the Mother", Accessed on May 23, 2015

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