A teen's personal injury suffered at birth is still being treated

When it comes to birth-related injuries, there are those that can be repaired early on through medical intervention. Others, however, can lead to years of suffering or even permanent damages. For an Arizona teen, the personal injury he suffered at birth has required multiple treatments over the years and has been a drain on family finances.

At 17 years of age, this teen has endured several surgeries, each attempting to fix his jaw which is said to have been broken while he was delivered via an emergency C-Section. While information as to exactly how the injury occurred was not reported, the young man's mother claims that her son's broken jaw was not diagnosed for over a year after he was born. When a diagnosis was finally achieved, the surgeries began. However, initial treatments proved ineffective, and the severity of the injury only progressed with every passing year.

The latest surgery, which was performed by a specialist in jaw reconstruction, lasted approximately seven hours. While the recover time is going to be pretty lengthy, it is believed that this treatment should finally resolve the many injury-related issues that this young man has dealt with over the course of his life. While this is certainly an exciting thing for this teen, this entire ordeal has come at a significant cost and has taken a pretty severe financial toll on his family. This is, unfortunately, common with birth-related injuries.

Those in Arizona who may find themselves in similar circumstances as this particular family need to know that they do no have to bear the financial burdens associated with birth injuries alone. Personal injury, medical malpractice and any other applicable legal actions may be taken in an effort to achieve compensation for any damages sustained as the result of negligence during labor and delivery. While these cases can seem complicated and drawn-out, if navigated successfully financial remuneration may be granted.

Source: azcentral.com, "Yuma teen has surgery to realign jaw broken at birth", Alexander S. Corey, July 8, 2015

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