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August 2015 Archives

4 killed in DUI-related car crash in Arizona

The driver believed responsible for a wreck in Arizona that killed three individuals and an unborn child is facing criminal charges for the incident. According to reports, this car crash occurred near the end of July in Tuscon. It was a single-vehicle accident in which all of the victims were passengers in the accused's car.

Arizona personal injury: Birth-related Cerebral Palsy

A diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy (CP) is something that numerous children in Arizona and across the country receive every year. CP is something that can develop from various causes. However, in many cases, the root cause of the injury goes unidentified. It is believed, though, that a treatment error during the labor and delivery process may result in personal injury and, ultimately, be the origin of Cerebral Palsy development in some cases.

Arizona car crash: The use of impairing substances is concerning

Sadly, there are numerous auto collisions in Arizona that can be attributed to impaired driving. When thinking about this issue, most tend to think of drunk drivers, but the use of prescription and illegal drugs can also have a dramatic impact on one's ability to safely operate his or her vehicle. A car crash that is the result of one's choice to use an impairing substance can have life-altering affects on a victim or -- in the event of fatality -- his or her family members.

Arizona traumatic brain injury: common causes

Accidents that result in some form of brain injury are far more common than some would like to think. It is actually believed that nearly 140 people nationwide die every day because of this type of injury, even more are left with temporary or permanent disabilities. A traumatic brain injury is something to which no one is immune, whether they live in Arizona or elsewhere.

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