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Arizona man arrested for hit-an-run car crash

An Arizona man was recently taken into police custody for his alleged involvement in an accident that injured a teenage girl. The car crash, which is said to have occurred on Oct. 26, left the victim's family and authorities looking for answers, as the driver reportedly fled the scene. Police do believe, however, that they have found the person responsible, and this young man is likely facing various criminal charges as a result.

According to reports, a 21-year-old male was arrested and is being held in a detention center for his alleged involvement in a car crash that left a 15-year-old girl with significant injuries. The victim was supposedly crossing the street at an intersection when she was struck. Authorities say they received several tips that led to this arrest.

No other information was released about the victim. He current condition is unknown. Authorities are still in the process of investigating this incident.

A hit-and-run car crash can leave a victim and his or her family feeling completely helpless. Until the individual responsible is found, they are left with no answers as to why such an incident occurred and have to bear the full physical and financial burdens resulting from the accident on their own. Now that Arizona police have found the person thought responsible for this particular incident, the victim's family may choose to take legal actions against him in civil court. A personal injury claim may be filed in an effort to seek monetary damages which, if awarded, can assist the victim in receiving what she needs to help recover and move forward from this terrible event.

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