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Child injured in Arizona hit-and-run car accident

A mother in Arizona was crossing the street with a child in a stroller when the stroller was struck by a vehicle. The driver believed responsible for this auto-pedestrian car accident is said to have fled the scene immediately following the crash. When found, in accordance with state laws, this individual is likely to face felony charges.

This accident reportedly occurred the evening of Jan. 25 in the Avondale area. A 1-year-old girl was in the stroller that was hit as her mother was crossing the street. It has been said that the child was thrown from the stroller. She was transported to a children's hospital shortly after the incident. The extent of her injuries is unknown; however, she expected to survive.

The child's mother was also taken to a medical facility for treatment. It is not believed that she was injured in the collision, but she is pregnant and was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures. Her current condition is unknown.

At this time, authorities have not released a description of the vehicle involved in this hit-and-run car accident. When the driver is found, the mother may have legal recourse. She may be entitled to file a personal injury claim on behalf of her daughter, and any other claims that are appropriate for the circumstances, in an effort to seek compensation for the damages they both may have suffered as a result of this incident. An Arizona civil court may grant financial relief for any and all documented losses if litigation is successful.

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