Arizona traumatic brain injury: What are the most common types?

As many Arizona residents may be aware, brain injuries can come in many forms. While a significant blow to the head can cause what is known as a traumatic brain injury, the injury may be later diagnosed as a specific injury type. There are, in fact, several different types of traumatic brain injury, each with its own set of issues.

A traumatic brain injury may be considered open or closed -- meaning the skull was or was not fractured -- and is caused by some form of external force. These types of injuries often occur as the result of slip and fall accidents, auto collisions, incidents in the workplace and sporting or other recreational accidents. Traumatic brain injuries are often identified as concussions, contusions, penetration injuries and diffuse axonal injuries. Concussion and contusions are considered the most common types.

Concussions are considered the most common form of traumatic brain injury. A concussion can result from a direct hit to the head. This form of brain injury can be relatively minor in nature, or it can be extremely severe and cause permanent damage. A person who has experienced a concussion will often experience dizziness and confusion among various other symptoms.

A contusion is also caused by direct impact to the head. When a person is diagnosed with a contusion, this means that he or she has localized bleeding in his or her brain. Surgery is often needed to correct the issue.

A traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion or a contusion, can have severely negative impacts on a person's life. Victims of brain injuries, or their loved ones on their behalves, may be able to seek compensation for any damages encountered by filing legal claims in an Arizona civil court. If the injury resulted from another person's negligence, the individual deemed responsible may be held liable for the losses suffered. If negligence can be proved in court, a monetary judgment may be awarded.

Source: FindLaw, "Types of Brain Injury", Accessed on March 20, 2016

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