Arizona personal injury: Unnecessary hysterectomy postpartum

After giving birth, women in Arizona and elsewhere may experience postpartum complications. When they do, it is up to medical staff to take swift and appropriate actions to correct the issue in order to prevent any serious personal injury. Unfortunately, sometimes health care providers fail to consider all available options before offering treatment. This is what is believed to have happened to a woman in another state, resulting in her filing a medical malpractice claim.

According to a recent report, at the age of 24, a woman gave birth to her first child. At seven days postpartum, she had bleeding issues and went back to the hospital. The doctor tried various treatments to get the bleeding to stop but was unsuccessful. Eventually, the doctor performed a hysterectomy.

Following all of this, the woman and her husband filed legal claims against the physician. According to their complaint, the doctor failed to try alternative treatments before proceeding with the hysterectomy. Now, because of his actions, the victim is no longer able to have any more biological children, which has been emotionally devastating. She has also dealt with hormonal issues and marital problems as a result of this likely unnecessary medical procedure.

A federal judge sided with the plaintiff in this case, ruling that the physician's actions fell below the normal standard of care. The victim and her and her husband were awarded the maximum amount allowed in damages. The monetary judgment ordered was just under $673,000.

Personal injuries resulting from birthing complications are fairly common. Those that are not addressed to a certain standard of care can have life-long consequences -- such as in this particular case. Women in Arizona may seek compensation for their losses if medical negligence is believed to have contributed to any injuries they have suffered due to birth-related complications. An experienced personal injury attorney can help file and litigate the appropriate claims in civil court in an effort to seek the maximum amount in damages.

Source:, "Federal judge awards woman maximum amount under medical malpractice laws", Kyla Asbury, Nov. 29, 2016

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