What are the signs of Arizona nursing home abuse?

There are millions of elderly people living in nursing homes across the country because they either don't have any family, don't have family who can provide the care they need around the clock or are there because of specific medical issues. Sadly, there are cases of nursing home abuse that arise quite often. So, what are the signs of Arizona nursing home abuse?

There are various types of nursing home abuse that can occur and they include the following:

- Prolonged deprivation of water and food

- Emotional abuse

- Physical abuse (kicking, hitting, punching, slapping, tripping and shaking)

- Threats of violence

- Use of a chemical or physical constraint not authorized by a physician

- Sexual assault

- Lack of care for medical issues present

- Unreasonable or unwarranted seclusion

The most common signs of Arizona nursing home abuse include:

- Reluctance to speak when staff members are present

- Head injuries, fractures, bruises or falls

- Infections

- Dehydration

- Asphyxiation

- Bed sores

- Malnutrition

- Extremely withdrawn or emotionally agitated

- Fear of being touched

- Rapid weight loss or gain

- Wandering

- Unsanitary living conditions

- Desire to be isolated from other people

- Unexplained wounds, bruises, cuts, sores or welts

- Unexpected or unexplained death of the patient

- Frequent illness

- Injury caused by another resident

- Heavy sedation

- Injuries involving broken bones, typically fractured hips resulting from a fall

- Any incidents that require emergency care or hospitalization

Along the same lines as abuse is nursing home neglect. Neglect is defined as the intentional or unintentional failure to provide a patient with the care and service they require to keep them free from pain or harm. It also includes the failure to react to a situation that could cause a nursing home resident anxiety or harm.

Nursing home abuse is more common than you might think. Examine multiple homes carefully prior to placing a loved one to ensure his or her safety and proper care.

Source: Nursing Home Alert, "Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect," accessed March 31, 2017

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