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Simple ways to prevent potentially fatal medical mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes; it's part of being human. Even doctors and healthcare professionals make blunders from time to time; some are harmless, others less so. However, when your health and, in some cases, your life is at state, there's a big difference between a small oversight and medical errors or negligence that have a lasting effect on your life. A 2008 study indicated that one out of every seven hospital patients experienced at least one incident of unintentional harm that resulted in a prolonged stay, permanent injury or even death.

Vicarious liability and medical malpractice

Medical malpractice includes quite a few different aspects of the profession and one of those is surgical errors. When surgical errors occur, a patient might need an additional surgery to correct the problem or remove a piece of medical equipment left behind in the body. Vicarious liability is the discussion of whether or not an employer should be held liable for an employee's actions.

Misdiagnosed cancer can cause stress and other issues

Misdiagnosed cancer is a problem today and it can cause stress and other issues in the patient's life. Believe it or not, cancer has been misdiagnosed before and it will happen again in the future. Even though doctors have the best medical technology at their fingertips, mistakes can still be made.

Doctors are obligated to provide information before treatment

Before you undergo any surgical procedure, it is very important that you fully understand what you are getting into. Doctors have a duty to not only provide their patients with an acceptable level of care, but also to fill them in on all the important details of a procedure prior to issuing treatment.

Failing to diagnose and treat infections

Medical malpractice is not limited to just doctors and other medical professionals making mistakes. A common type of medical malpractice case is the failure to treat infections. This goes hand-in-hand with failing to diagnose infections. Failing to treat infections can lead to serious complications for a patient, including death.

The devastating dangers of these 7 emergency surgeries

When it comes to emergency surgeries, often the patient doesn't have much of a choice; by its very definition, an emergency prompted the need for the surgery, which was intended to be lifesaving. Your loved one may have been in so much pain or so overwhelmed that he or she agreed to whatever procedure the doctors or hospital staff recommended at the time. You and your loved one trusted in the doctor to perform the emergency surgery and keep him or her safe.

The standard of care owed to patients for treatment and surgery

Patients seeking treatment for a medical condition or going into the operating room for surgery are supposed to be provided with a standard of care. This standard of care is defined as the expertise, level of skill and care practiced and possessed by doctors in a similar community under similar circumstances.

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