Could you lessen the odds of suffering from medical malpractice?

Many people fear going under the knife to correct a medical issue. If you find yourself in this group, you have nothing to feel ashamed about as medical errors do occur relatively commonly. Of course, just because mistakes do happen, it does not mean that you should expect to become a victim of serious negligence or other gross errors. In many cases, you can work to make your surgeon and other medical staff more accountable for their actions.

Rather than letting your apprehension stew and cause you increased anxiety and stress, you may wish to take steps that could potentially help you avoid becoming the victim of medical malpractice.

Do you have any questions?

Because surgical procedures are major events, you will likely have multiple questions regarding various aspects of the operation. You may wish to know more about the surgery itself, tools that medical staff may use, risks of the procedure, medications used, other options available and any other concern that may come to mind. You have the right to understand what will and could happen as part of your operation.

Have you provided all information?

When it comes to getting proper medical treatment, a great deal of importance lies in your disclosing all information relating to your medical concerns. Even if certain information may seem like too minor a detail or otherwise insignificant, you may wish to tell your doctor anyway as anything that comes to mind relating to your health could impact your treatment. Additionally, you may also want to disclose any prior treatment, medications or supplements you may have already undergone or taken.

Have you researched the procedure?

Though you may hope that your doctor will take the best approach when treating your medical condition, you may still want to research the procedure yourself. By doing so, you may feel more at ease about the surgery itself, or you may find a potential alternative that could possibly fit your case. If you do believe a different procedure may suit your circumstances, you can discuss this alternative with your doctor.

Has the surgery site been marked?

Before undergoing the procedure, you may want to ask the surgeon to highlight or mark the surgery site. This step could help prevent wrong-site surgery as well as help keep the surgeon accountable for his or her actions.

Of course, even if you take these precautions and do your best to prepare for the surgery, you could still suffer due to medical malpractice. If you have been the victim of such a situation, you may want to look into your options for filing a legal claim for compensation.

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