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July 2017 Archives

Alzheimer's disease: Why it often gets misdiagnosed

New evidence has emerged suggesting that those with Alzheimer's disease, who also experience some types of psychotic episodes, have a 50 percent higher change of being misdiagnosed than those who don't have a secondary diagnosis. In such cases, they note it's commonplace for these Alzheimer's patients to be diagnosed as having dementia with Lewy bodies.

Many neglect accusations are waged against a Peoria nursing home

It's been just a few weeks since a 79-year-old Alzheimer's patient escaped from Immanuel Campus of Care and was later found dead after dying from a suspected case of heat exhaustion. Since then, many who have been treated at the assisted living facility have come forward demanding that both Peoria Police Department and Arizona state officials work faster to find out what's going on before someone else is injured or dies.The facility has long been used by many as they recoup from surgical procedures. One woman, who was sent to the facility to recover from what she refers to as a minor surgical procedure, notes that she wasn't all that far into her two-week stay at the facility when she contracted a staph infection.She believes that she may have contracted the potentially-deadly infection from a man she met at the facility. He had been diagnosed with MRSA. She now wonders why he was never quarantined by staff to ensure that he didn't spread his highly-contagious infection.

Some of the more common birthing injuries your baby may face

Birth injuries define traumatic events that occur to the baby during the birthing process. While many newborns or their mothers may suffer minor injuries during birth that soon resolve without treatment, there are others that can either linger around for an extended period of time or that can be permanent.

3 types of consent a doctor should request of a patient

An article recently published by the Arizona Regulatory Board of Physician Assistants suggests there are three types of consent that a medical professional should request prior to performing a test or medical procedure on a patient. Among these three types are general, limited and informed consent.

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