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January 2014 Archives

RV fire kills one, leaves another badly burned

A fast moving fire in an RV led to one man being killed and another man being seriously injured in Phoenix yesterday. According to an AZFamily.com report, the men were test driving the RV shortly after making some repairs to the vehicle when they reportedly heard an explosion. After which, the RV quickly burst into flames.

Did a technology failure cause parking lot crash?

At the recent Detroit Auto Show, the next step in the evolution of autonomous cars was on display. Several automakers, including Internet giant Google were proud to show the progress in their research on how self-driving cars will ultimately join us on Arizona roads.

Will the state police crack down on taking selfies while driving?

In a prior post, we warned readers that the Arizona Department of Public Safety will be making distracted driving enforcement a priority. The announcement came in the wake of a state patrol officer who was killed by a truck driver who was viewing images of scantily-clad women on his phone before causing an accident.

Arizona drivers should be careful about black ice

It may be far-fetched to think about black ice as a danger in Arizona, but it certainly can occur. According to a number of weather reports, areas in every state in the union (including Hawaii) reached lows that were below freezing (32 degrees) yesterday. In higher elevations of Arizona where snow and ice are common, drivers must be aware of how ice can form on roads. With temperatures falling below freezing as far south as Central Florida, it is reasonable to believe that some areas of the valley will experience black ice.

New Year's Eve accidents claim two lives

Driving in the Phoenix metro area can be especially treacherous on New Year's Eve. Two accidents reported by AZfamily.com exemplify how dangerous the roads (or more importantly, other drivers) may be as people ring in the New Year.