Severed bowels and bladders are serious C-section complications

Many women go into the birthing process hoping for a natural birth; however, one in every three pregnant women in the United States end up having a Caesarean section. Often times these surgeries are emergency ones.

Due to the urgent nature of the procedure, doctors often don't sit down to go over the pros and cons of the surgery or even give you an option as to whether to move forward with it. This may shed light on some of the reasons complications can result for those who have C-sections performed on them.

Among the many injuries a pregnant woman can suffer during a C-section, perforated bladders and bowels are perhaps the most severe that can occur.

Doctors are moving so fast to try to extract the baby during these procedures that they can cut too far or too deep. While best case scenario is that perforated organs will be corrected long before the mother is sewn up, sometimes they aren't. Complications arise when they're discovered later on during recovery or once the mother arrives back home.

One of the more common complications is a severed bladder which can show up first as a urinary tract infection. In other cases, mothers may experience heavy streams of urine that only can be resolved with an additional surgery.

When a severed bowel occurs, a mother may first realize something is awry when she starts experiencing abdominal pain as toxins build up in her body and are released into her bloodstream. Once discovered, a lacerated bowel can result in a mother having to have regular surgical revisions performed to ensure that her bowel continues to function as it should.

If either your bowel or bladder was perforated while a C-section was being performed on you, then you might want to investigate your legal rights pertaining to the recuperation of the costs of your medical care.

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