What caused my baby's cerebral palsy?

While raising any child can be difficult, special needs children place unique demands on parents. If your child was either born with or developed cerebral palsy early on, then you likely are beginning to understand that he or she will need round-the-clock treatment, support and care for the rest of his or her life.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a type of brain injury that can impact different individuals. Symptoms range from mild to severe. The condition generally robs individuals of their ability to maintain a comfortable upright posture or freely move. This often causes the afflicted individual to exhibit sporadic muscle tightness and involuntary reflexive body movements.

All babies have the potential of suffering cerebral palsy if proper precautions aren't taken taken while their mother is pregnant with them. A baby can develop CP during their birth or if a traumatic event occurs during the earliest years of life as well.

Babies who are born prematurely are more likely to develop CP than those who are not. Research that has been done on preemies and other babies that have developed CP has led scientists to conclude that any blood, nutrient and oxygen loss may lead them to be born with this condition.

If a baby or young child suffers a head injury, then they may develop CP on down the line as well. Genetic conditions that a parent has or carries the genes for may be passed on to a child and thus result in a CP diagnosis.

A baby that contracts a life-threatening infection such as meningitis can experience brain damage, resulting in the development of CP.

While some babies who are born with CP may exhibit involuntary movements, other signs of this condition include a poorly shaped spine, a small head, a very stiff or floppy body or a small jawbone.

By learning more about the circumstances surrounding your baby's CP diagnosis, a Tucson birth injury attorney can advise you of legal remedies that you can pursue in your case.

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