Hospitals can be sued for their employee's negligence

When a patient checks into a hospital, they do so in hopes of being made to feel better, not worse. In an era in which hospitals have become money making operations instead of remaining focused on patient care, it's not unheard of for patients to receive substandard care.

Patients often suffer declines in the health or die as a result of a hospital or a doctor failing to provide a patient with a decent standard of care. In situations like this, hospitals or doctors are often sued for negligence.

While many medical providers may be required or well advised to take out their own personal medical malpractice insurance to protect themselves if they engage in negligence, all hospitals maintain their own liability policy to protect them from being sued as well.

One of the reasons medical practices and centers maintain their own coverage is to protect them from being crippled financially because of errors their nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians and physician assistants may make.

In some cases, medical staff may do all the right things that any other medical provider in the same situation would do, yet end up with a poor outcome. In those types of situations, it's likely that, if sued, a defendant can prove that they offered a reasonable standard of care and thus won't be held liable for being negligent.

A hospital, however, can be held liable for damages if a plaintiff can prove that a hospital did not properly vet its health care providers. If they didn't make sure that they didn't have a criminal background, that their professional licenses were active or that they weren't currently subject to malpractice litigation, then a hospital may be able to be sued for negligence.

Hospitals may also be sued if their staff doesn't follow a physician's orders. If they neglect to have enough staff on hand to adequately care for the patients in their care, then they may also be sued for negligence. Anyone who is involved in a premises liability type of injury such as a fall or an injury caused by inadequate security can also file a lawsuit against a hospital as well.

If you've been seriously hurt while under the care of a physician or while at a health care facility, then a Tucson hospital & doctor errors lawyer can advise you of the next steps that you can take in your legal matter.

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