Should your obstetrician order a C-section?

Just as the take-off and landing present the most danger to planes, so does the labor and delivery process to a pregnancy. It is during these times that so many things could go wrong. For this reason, your obstetrician and the nurses attending the birth of your child need to pay close attention to your and your baby's condition.

If something does go wrong, your obstetrician may determine that the best way to ensure the safety of both of you would be to do a Cesarean section.

Why would you need a C-section?

Some women elect to deliver their children through a C-section, but for others, it may become medically necessary due to one of the following situations that could develop either toward the end of your pregnancy or during the labor and delivery process:

  • If your baby is in the breech position, which means coming out feet first
  • If the umbilical cord prolapses, or slips through your cervix and out of your vagina
  • If your labor progresses too slowly or stops
  • If your baby fails to receive adequate oxygen, called fetal distress
  • If you have dangerously high blood pressure, called preeclampsia
  • If you have multiple births
  • If you have diabetes and/or gestational diabetes
  • If your baby's head is too large to fit through your pelvis
  • If your uterus ruptures
  • If the placenta separates from your uterus
  • If the placenta covers your cervix, called placenta previa

Statistics indicate that more and more deliveries occur through C-section these days, and many of them are due to one of the reasons above.

Time is of the essence

When your condition or the condition of your unborn baby deteriorates, time is often not on your side. Your obstetrician knows this and should take action at the first sign of trouble to determine what is going on and what action is necessary in order to correct it.

This requires the medical team to monitor you closely and take action when needed. If that does not happen, you and/or your baby could suffer irreparable harm. In order to know for sure whether your care fell below the accepted standards for obstetrics, you may need to obtain the opinion of another medical professional. That opinion, along with an understanding of the applicable laws, could let you know whether a medical malpractice claim is feasible.

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