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All surgeries carry risks of injuries, death

When we hear that someone we know is going to undergo surgery, many of us become paralyzed with fear. The reality is that no matter how skilled a surgeon is, they're never going to perform all procedures error-free each and every time. There are, in fact, many complications that can occur any time that a patient goes under the knife, some of which can be caused by a doctor's negligence.

There are many hospital-acquired illnesses that injure, kill

Many individuals tend to think of hospitals as safe places where patients get nursed back to health. Most wouldn't imagine that they'd experience declined health or even die at their nurses' and doctors' hands. Yet, hundreds, if not thousands, of patients are either injured or develop a secondary illness in hospitals each year in the United States though.

Medical malpractice: How does Arizona law define it?

At some point in your life, you have likely entrusted your health or that of your loved one to a team of licensed medical care providers. You may have received care and treatment from doctors or nurses you really liked and others who left you with the impression that they might have been better off choosing some other career. The key factor is ultimately not how much you like your care providers but how well they perform their jobs.

Nursing homes give residents psychotropic drugs without consent

A recent investigation completed by the nonprofit Human Rights Watch (HRW) shows that many elderly dementia patients living in nursing homes in the United States may be being placed on psychotropic drugs without receiving their prior consent.

Hemorrhaging and high blood pressure often kill new moms

A study published at the end of July by USA Today shows that thousands of pregnant American women either become injured or die each year because they're allowed to hemorrhage out during or immediately following childbirth. Others suffer debilitating strokes and other complications associated with high blood pressure.

A fear of being sued motivates doctors to order more tests

A study recently published by researchers at both Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Duke suggests that doctors' fears of being sued for medical malpractice may motivate doctors to order 5 percent more tests than they otherwise would. They apparently do this even though the research shows that the added testing has failed to yield a reduction in the filing of medical malpractice cases.

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