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All surgeries carry risks of injuries, death

When we hear that someone we know is going to undergo surgery, many of us become paralyzed with fear. The reality is that no matter how skilled a surgeon is, they're never going to perform all procedures error-free each and every time. There are, in fact, many complications that can occur any time that a patient goes under the knife, some of which can be caused by a doctor's negligence.

Whether a patient undergoes a cosmetic procedure like liposuction or an emergency operation like an appendectomy, it's possible for unintended organs to be punctured by a surgical probe, camera, scalpel or some other medical tool or device. If this occurs, an additional surgery may be required. In some cases, patients may even die.

Unless a nurse or doctor is closely monitoring how much blood a patient loses during surgery, it's also possible that a patient may exsanguinate. One sign doctors typically notice when this occurs is that a patient's blood pressure suddenly drops. Unless the bleeding is staunched immediately and the patient is given a transfusion, they could suffer a stroke or die.

Additional complications many surgical patients suffer are nerve damage and infections. The latter often results when the operating room or instruments were not properly sterilized. Both can happen if the medical team fails to uphold proper protocols in treating patients.

If you suspect that medical malpractice has occurred, you'll want to consult a lawyer who is familiar with Arizona's medical malpractice laws for a review of your case. A Tucson surgical errors attorney with experience in working with insurance adjusters can make sure that you receive fair compensation in your case.

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