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Hemorrhaging and high blood pressure often kill new moms

A study published at the end of July by USA Today shows that thousands of pregnant American women either become injured or die each year because they're allowed to hemorrhage out during or immediately following childbirth. Others suffer debilitating strokes and other complications associated with high blood pressure.

The researchers note, in many cases, these women's lives could have been preserved if only their health care providers had been more attentive to them.

In the study report, the researchers highlight how in countries with lower maternal mortality rates than the U.S., nurses or doctors tend to be able to prevent against hemorrhages resulting in organ failure by weighing bloody pads. By tracking the loss of blood, doctors can gauge whether they need to perform an additional surgical procedure, give a woman a blood transfusion or take more proactive measures.

Also of concern is a pregnant woman or new mom's blood pressure. Unless regulated, it can put a baby under stress in the womb. It can also cause the mother to have a stroke.

Untreated infections, blood clots and other preventable conditions often rob new moms of their lives. When they don't, they leave them with severe injuries, such as paralysis. Complications can mean needing to undergo major surgeries, such as hysterectomies.

All this occurs reportedly because nurses and doctors pay too little attention to their patients and the warning signs that their bodies provide. This has led many proactive health care facilities to encourage their staff to teach patients about potentially dangerous symptoms. It's unclear if these measures have had any success.

Currently the United States ranks last among developed countries when it comes to their maternal mortality rates. When patients seek medical treatment from doctors and nurses, they often put all of their trust in them to properly diagnose and treat them. A Tucson birth injury attorney may be able to help you recover compensation if your medical provider let you down.

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