Things to know before filing a medical malpractice claim

If you recently had surgery in an Arizona hospital or received some other type of medical treatment, you may still be working your way through recovery. Having an operation can be quite stressful. You hopefully have one or more people to help tend to your needs as you try to regain your strength and resume your normal activities.

Sadly, many surgeries or medical treatment procedures go wrong. What's even worse is that the mishaps are often entirely preventable and caused by doctor or other staff member negligence. No medical patient should suffer treatment that is worse than the condition that prompted them to seek medical care to start.

Justice for victims

If you are the victim of medical malpractice, you have the right to seek economic recovery for your losses. Medical injuries are often so severe as to result in partial or full, temporary or permanent disabilities. There are several factors to consider before pursuing legal accountability against a doctor, nurse, hospital administrators or others:

  • State laws vary. Some states have notice of intent requirements that you must file within 90 or 180 days before filing a medical malpractice claim; it is critical that you find out the law in the state in which you plan to file.
  • If you're like most Arizona medical patients, cost will be a significant factor if you file a malpractice claim. The good news is that there are legal representatives who offer free initial consultations, and some charge no fees unless and until you achieve a settlement or verdict.
  • As a plaintiff in a medical malpractice case, you must produce enough evidence to convince the court to rule in your favor.
  • It is not enough to show that a doctor or other staff member was negligent; you must also show that that negligence directly caused your injury.
  • The opposition may try to make you, the plaintiff, look bad in front of a jury.
  • Medical expert testimony can help substantiate your claim.

You are hopefully well on your way to a swift and full recovery following whatever medical incident caused you to suffer injury. It is understandable that you'd feel betrayed, frustrated and angry upon learning that your care providers could have prevented your injuries if not for their negligence. 

Looking toward the future

You'll want to remain focused on the future as you continue to recover from medical injury. The last thing you need is to be worrying about medical bills when you'd rather focus on healing and getting your life back on track. The good news is that there are support systems already in place that can offer you the assistance you need.

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