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Common birth injuries caused by medical negligence

When people in Arizona have a baby it can be a very exciting time. However, before they have the baby the mother must go through labor and the delivery. Just like most medical procedures, many times the whole process goes as smoothly as it can and people have healthy babies, but this is not true for everyone. There are many complications that can arise during the pregnancy and during the actual birth of the child.

These complications can result in birth injuries or other issues for the baby, which can be very detrimental for the baby. Some of these injuries and complications have nothing to do with the medical professionals helping during the birth, but medical professionals do make mistakes and are responsible for some of them.

One of the common injuries caused by medical negligence is brachial palsy, which can be caused when a doctor pulls to hard and the baby's shoulder is stuck behind during delivery. Another is facial paralysis which can occur if forceps or a vacuum during delivery. Brain injuries from a lack of oxygen can also be caused by negligence and can lead to many long-term issues for the child. Bone fractures can also occur if a doctor pulls too hard during delivery especially if the child is in a breach position. There are also other injuries that can be caused by medical negligence as well.

The mistakes that lead to the injuries can be very detrimental to the long-term health of a baby and potentially affect them for the rest of their lives. They can also be costly to treat, but the parents could be entitled to compensation if the injury was caused by medical negligence.

During the delivery of a child, most parents in Arizona are simply thinking about meeting their child for the first time. However, there are many complications that can occur during the process and some result in injuries to the child. Some of these injuries could have been avoided though if it were not for medical negligence. In those situations it can be very difficult knowing the injuries could have been avoided, but the parents could be entitled to compensation for them. Experienced attorneys understand these complicated matters and may be able to assist.

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