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Taking action when a surgical procedure goes wrong

When Arizona residents go to the doctor, they expect to receive the best treatment possible. After all, America is on the leading edge of medical technology, so that expectation is realistic. However, there is also the reality that, unfortunately, medical malpractice does occur with alarming frequency in America. When something goes wrong with medical treatment, particularly a surgical procedure, patients in Arizona usually start looking for options.

One option might be to consider a medical malpractice lawsuit. In such a claim, the alleged victim must prove that a doctor-patient relationship existed - which is fairly easy to do - and then, from there, prove that the treatment in question was negligent or reckless in some manner, or not up to the standard of care expected. In a case involving a surgical procedure, the technical aspects of the case can seem daunting. Medical professionals go to school for years and practice their trade meticulously. As a result, some people may think that it is foolhardy to question a doctor's moves. But, the reality is that many medical malpractice claims are, in fact, valid.

A surgical procedure may go awry in a number of ways, including: an operation being performed on the wrong patient or on the wrong body part of a patient; performing a surgical procedure that was, in fact, unnecessary; using the wrong amount or incorrect type of anesthesia; or even as bad as leaving a surgical instrument inside the patient's body. These are all possible forms of medical malpractice.

At our law firm, we work with Arizona residents who believe they may have valid medical malpractice claim. For more information, please visit the surgical error overview section of our law firm's website.

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