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What surgeries result in the most post-operative infections?

Anytime your skin is broken, you run the risk of infection since your skin works as a barrier to germs, bacteria and debris that could get inside your body. Arizona medical personnel know this, which is why they should keep a close eye on you after you undergo an invasive surgical procedure.

The surgeon isn't the only doctor in the room

Your doctors determined that you need a surgical procedure to fix an injury or cure an illness. You understand that certain risks come with the procedure and that it may not accomplish the goal. You also realize that the surgeon could make a mistake that causes you harm, so you may ask additional questions regarding the experience of the one conducting the procedure.

Were you the victim of a wrong-site surgery?

When you found out that you needed surgery, you may have felt frightened and apprehensive about the prospect. Of course, you likely understood that the procedure was necessary in order to address your medical condition, and you also likely trusted your doctor's judgment in suggesting the operation. After all, medical professionals have the knowledge and training to address such issues.

Did failing to meet the standard of care lead to your suffering?

Before you underwent a necessary medical procedure, it may have taken you a considerable amount of time to deal with the nerves and anxiety associated with your situation. Medical issues and treatments make many Arizona residents understandably apprehensive, and for some, the idea of going under the knife or facing other procedures can prove too daunting. However, because you understood the necessity of the procedure, you swallowed your fear and moved forward.

Mothers and babies suffer injuries from the use of forceps

You may be among the thousands of Tucson residents excitedly awaiting the arrival of a newborn. During your pregnancy, you imagine what your baby will look like, holding your baby and watching him or her grow. Another concern you may have is getting through the birthing process.

Common mistakes committed by emergency room doctors

When an Arizona patient goes to an emergency room, it is with the expectation that he or she will receive whatever treatment is necessary at the moment. Emergency rooms are high-stakes and high-pressure places to work, but doctors and nurses work under the obligation to provide a high quality of care to every person who needs immediate medical attention.

Why the nursing shortage is everyone's problem

Whether you've spent a lot of time in hospitals or are one of the lucky individuals who only visits your physician's office for yearly checkups, one commonality you've doubtlessly encountered is nurses. From yearly physicals to emergency room visits, nurses play a major -- and essential -- role in health care. They are vital to the medical community, performing the bulk of smaller tasks, administering tests, caring for patients and even double-checking doctors. Indeed, there isn't enough time to list all the ways that nurses are essential in health care.

"Never events" happen way more often than anyone will admit

Those in the medical profession describe some mistakes as "never events" despite the fact that they occur far more often than patients realize. You would think that the name would imply these things just don't happen. What it actually means is that it should never happen. That distinction provides the basis for the urgency of the medical field to prevent these events.


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