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What types of abuse are dementia patients commonly subject to?

Senior citizens with dementia are more vulnerable to being abused than others. They're also more apt to make false abuse accusations than those who do not have the debilitating cognitive disease. Although this diagnosis may cause a patient to become more paranoid than they otherwise would have been, there are certain signs that you should look for if you're trying to verify whether their claims of abuse are accurate.

What makes an individual more vulnerable to elder abuse?

Even if you haven't known anyone personally that's been treated poorly in a nursing home, you've likely heard about it on the nightly news. If you have a parent or a loved one that is facing the prospect of being sent to live in one of these types of facilities, then you may be wondering what some of the risk factors for elderly abuse are.

A Prescott veterans' nursing home receives a one star rating

A nursing home aide decides to move a resident on her own instead of following protocol and having a second person help. An elderly resident screams out in horror because they're being asked to bear weight when they can't or because they're not being handled gently enough.

Nursing homes give residents psychotropic drugs without consent

A recent investigation completed by the nonprofit Human Rights Watch (HRW) shows that many elderly dementia patients living in nursing homes in the United States may be being placed on psychotropic drugs without receiving their prior consent.

What factors indicate that a nursing home is safe for my parent?

When the time comes to put a loved one into a nursing home, it's often our first time doing such a thing. While it's likely that many of us will have gotten personal recommendations or read online reviews before calling to set up a tour of a facility, many of us have heard the horror stories. It can help to know what to be on the lookout for that may send a message that it's a nursing home we don't want to send a parent to live at.

What are signs of emotional abuse among nursing home residents?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data shows that at least 1.4 million individuals across the United States reside at nursing homes. Of those who do, at least 80 percent are 65-years-old or older. The fact that so many residents are of an advanced age means that a significant number of them require additional daily medical attention to get by.

Certain behaviors in seniors strongly indicate elder abuse

A recent study, released by the National Council on Aging, suggests that one out of every 10 seniors over the age of 60 has been taken advantage of because of their age. The type of elder abuse these individuals experience includes verbal, emotional, physical and sexual exploitation or abuse. This population is also often abandoned or neglected by their caregivers.

What are some signs that a nursing home is safe for my parent?

Every day across the United States, another family has to make a decision to have their elderly loved one take up ownership in either a nursing or assisted living facility. As much as a family may try to find a place that will cater to the needs of their loved one, one bad worker is all it takes for a potentially fatal incident to occur.

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