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A defective airbag and a car crash can be a fatal combination

Car accidents happen every single day in Arizona. Some are avoidable, others are not. Some have minor outcomes, while others result in fatality. To help avoid the latter, safety equipment -- such as airbags -- is installed in vehicles. What happens and who is responsible if that safety equipment fails when a car crash actually happens?

1 killed in recent auto-pedestrian car accident

The individual believed responsible for a fatal hit-and-run collision in Arizona has been identified and arrested. The auto-pedestrian car accident occurred Dec. 9, in the Phoenix area. While the driver deemed responsible for this event has been found, the victim's surviving family members are still struggling to cope with the unexpected loss of life -- which is understandable -- and still have many questions about this tragic event.

In a car crash with a drowsy driver?

There are a lot of things that Arizona drivers do when driving automobiles that make them a threat to themselves and the general public. The dangers of distracted or drunk driving, particularly, are real and often reported. But what about drowsy driving? When a car crash occurs because one of the drivers was operating his or her vehicle while too tired to do so, he or she may be held liable for any damages sustained by the victim.

Injuries to the spine common after a rear-end collision

Whether a car accident is considered minor or major, injuries are possible. Following a rear\-end collision, damage to the spine is particularly common and can have temporary or even permanent consequences. Arizona residents who have suffered such injuries in auto accidents may be entitled to seek relief for any resulting losses.

Man believed responsible for fatal car crash arrested

An Arizona man is currently behind bars for his involvement in an auto accident that claimed the life of one woman and left two other people injured. The car crash reportedly occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, Oct. 22. A total of three vehicles were involved in the wreck.

Arizona car accident: the dangers of aggressive driving

In Arizona and elsewhere, there are all sorts of drivers. There are those who follow every law, those who are overly cautious and those who drive in aggressive manners. Aggressive driving, in particular, is a serious problem as it often leads to accidents. Some may wonder, though, which actions are considered aggressive when behind the wheel and what one can do if he or she is injured or loses a loved one in a car accident caused by such a driver?


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