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Texas car crash: weather-related accidents and compensation

As beautiful as Arizona is, driving across the state can be frightening due to quick and unpredictable changes in the weather. Weather-related accidents are far more common than most think, and the damages suffered in such a car crash can be quite severe. It is only natural for anyone negatively affected by this type of incident to question whether any form of compensation may be available.

Can the government be held liable for a car accident?

There are times when Arizona residents may question the safety of the roads, either in their local community or across the state. Most people tend to know of at least one area where car accidents seem to occur frequently. Some have even been involved in or seen collisions that have occurred on streets that are under construction. Regardless of when and where a car accident happens, it is certainly reasonable to question whether the government may be held liable for any damages sustained -- if road safety issues are a concern.

Whiplash is a common injury following a rear-end collision

Injuries suffered in a car accident can be wide-ranging. Some people may experience minor injuries that do not require medical treatment, while the injuries suffered by others can be more serious -- if not fatal. A rear-end collision is probably the most common form of car accident seen in Arizona and across the nation. While some of these incidents may have fatal outcomes, the vast majority of rear-end collisions result in other injuries -- such as whiplash.

When speeding causes a car accident, victims have choices

Speeding, which is common on Arizona roads, is one of the most common factors in car accidents. At some point, every driver has violated the speed limit, but law enforcement agencies across the country are seeing an increase in drivers who are driving above the speed limit by 15-20 mph. If this type of reckless driving caused your car accident or the the death of a loved one, you may have legal options. 

Who is responsible for personal injury suffered at birth?

There are a lot of things in life that can lead to injury. Parents in Arizona and elsewhere do all they can to protect their children from those things, but unfortunately, some things are simply beyond our control. When a child suffers a personal injury during the birthing process, it is not uncommon for parents to want answers and to seek help in determining who can be held responsible for any resulting damages.

Injuries suffered in a car accident may be compensable

A car crash is something many people will experience in their lifetime. For the majority of Arizona residents, these accidents will likely be minor incidents that everyone walks away from relatively unharmed. Unfortunately, major collisions do occur -- more often than anyone would like -- and a car accident like that can have devastating consequences.

Case regarding personal injury suffered at birth heading to trial

While there is a lot of excitement over pregnancy and bringing a child into the world, there are also a lot of fears. The unknown is, understandably, frightening. Pregnant patients, in Arizona and elsewhere, count on physicians and other health care providers to help them get through their pregnancies with healthy babies as the end result. While there are things that occur during a baby's development that cannot be predicted, receiving adequate and prompt medical care can assist in preventing a baby from suffering a personal injury during delivery.

2 injured in a car crash and responsible party passed away

When a serious car accident happens, it is not uncommon for those involved to have a mountain of questions. A car crash that results in significant injuries -- or worse -- is not a small issue, and the many concerns that this type of incident can bring about deserve proper attention. One question some Arizona residents may have after a major wreck may involve how, or if, compensation can be granted if the person deemed responsible for the accident doesn't survive.

Arizona woman killed in car accident in Yavapai County

Two-lane roads can be found in areas all across Arizona. These roads, while considered sufficient for the traffic levels, can be dangerous for drivers in some circumstances. Sadly, a recent car accident on one of these roads claimed the life of a woman. This incident required traffic to be detoured for several hours while local law enforcement, the Department of Public Safety and clean-up crews worked the scene.


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