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Texas car crash: weather-related accidents and compensation

As beautiful as Arizona is, driving across the state can be frightening due to quick and unpredictable changes in the weather. Weather-related accidents are far more common than most think, and the damages suffered in such a car crash can be quite severe. It is only natural for anyone negatively affected by this type of incident to question whether any form of compensation may be available.

Arizona driver arrested following fatal car crash investigation

There are a lot of terrible things that happen in this life. For parents, the death of a child is likely to be the worst thing that could possibly occur. Sadly, far too many parents in Arizona and in other states have had to try to cope with such a loss. While no loss of life is easy to deal with, if another person is believed responsible for the death, and that person seems uncaring, this can hurt loved ones even more. The driver deemed responsible for a fatal car crash that occurred last year was arrested recently, and her reaction to the incident is one that showed no remorse.

Arizona woman killed in a single vehicle car crash

Accidents involving a single vehicle are fairly common on Arizona roads. When an accident like this does occur, occupants who have been injured or surviving family members of victims who have lost their lives often desire answers as to the cause of the wreck. In a single vehicle car crash, the driver can be held responsible for any injuries suffered by his or her passengers and compensation for such damages may be pursued in court.

Woman killed in car crash by a driver who was allegedly impaired

The life of a 26-year-old Arizona woman came to an abrupt end after her vehicle was struck by an SUV while on an interstate. The car crash is said to have occurred in the early morning hours while this young woman was driving home from work. According to reports, the driver believed responsible for this wreck may have been impaired at the time of the collision.

2 injured in a car crash and responsible party passed away

When a serious car accident happens, it is not uncommon for those involved to have a mountain of questions. A car crash that results in significant injuries -- or worse -- is not a small issue, and the many concerns that this type of incident can bring about deserve proper attention. One question some Arizona residents may have after a major wreck may involve how, or if, compensation can be granted if the person deemed responsible for the accident doesn't survive.

Driver believed responsible for fatal car accident arrested

An Arizona woman has been arrested following an accident that claimed the life of another individual. This car accident happened just days after Christmas outside of the Phoenix area. This incident, as with others like it, will likely leave the victim's family with a myriad of questions and the desire for justice to be served.

Arizona woman killed in car accident in Yavapai County

Two-lane roads can be found in areas all across Arizona. These roads, while considered sufficient for the traffic levels, can be dangerous for drivers in some circumstances. Sadly, a recent car accident on one of these roads claimed the life of a woman. This incident required traffic to be detoured for several hours while local law enforcement, the Department of Public Safety and clean-up crews worked the scene.

Arizona couple led police on chase that ended in deadly car crash

A couple failed to pay their bill before attempting to leave an Arizona restaurant. Employees ran after them in an attempt to get them to pay for their meal to no avail. What happened after that incident resulted in a car crash that killed three people.


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