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February 2014 Archives

GM reportedly knew of defect before recall

General Motors is dealing with a public relations nightmare after first announcing that it would be recalling more than 700,000 cars due to potential defect in the ignition system in many Chevy Cobalts and Pontiac G5s. Several news reports indicate that GM knew about the problem and failed to advise dealers and customers alike.

More than three million car seats recalled

While we wrote a few weeks ago about the increase in auto recalls in 2013, it appears that the season of recalls will continue. Last week, child car seat maker Graco announced that it would issue a recall that would affect millions of seats manufactured between 2009 and 2011.

Sandwich franchise sued in fatal pedestrian accident

If you are a fan of Jimmy John’s sandwiches (or at least their commercials) you are likely familiar with their slogan “freaky fast delivery.” It is a niche that has made the sandwich making franchise famous. However, the slogan (and the practice of swift delivery of sandwiches) has come under fire after a lawsuit has been filed by the daughter of a man who was killed when a Jimmy John’s delivery driver struck him.

More auto recalls over the past year

With crash avoidance being a high selling point for many 2014 model year vehicles, it appears ironic that more cars are being recalled for safety issues. According to a recent Associated Press report, automakers recalled a more than 21 million vehicles in the United States last year. The number was a nine-year high for recalled cars and trucks.