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Representing Injured Bicyclists And Pedestrians

Tragically, car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death, but imagine if you collided with a vehicle without the windshield and metal frame of a car to protect you?

Even though bicyclists and pedestrians are sometimes partially at fault for failing to use the bike lanes and crosswalks, bicycle and pedestrian accidents are usually the result of negligence on behalf of the motorist.

Often, pedestrians and bicyclists are injured because a driver:

  • Fails to see a bicyclist or pedestrian in his or her blind spot
  • Runs a red light or stop sign
  • Doesn't use his or her headlights at appropriate times of the day
  • Opens a car door into a bike path or lane
  • Has road rage
  • Is going too fast or has a slow braking reaction
  • Is fatigued and is not paying attention to surroundings

At The Reyna Law Firm, P.C., in Tucson, we want you to know that regardless of who is at fault in an accident, if you are injured, you have a right to receive compensation and medical treatment.

Personal injury lawyer Ron Reyna will help you:

  • Identify the responsible party
  • Assist in obtaining medical care at no initial cost to you
  • Sort out insurance claims and look at the type of coverage you have, such as uninsured motorist insurance
  • Determine your legal options if you were involved in a hit-and-run accident

If you have questions about a bicycle or pedestrian accident you were involved in, don't hesitate to contact The Reyna Law Firm. We want to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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