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July 2014 Archives

GM delayed recall of midsize vehicles

General Motors has recalled more than 50 million vehicles this year for various issues, with 17 million being called back for ignition switch issues. However, a recent report prepared by federal regulators found that the embattled automaker was slow to correct these defects. In fact, regulators discovered that GM knew about the issues involving millions of midsize vehicles for 11 years before calling for recalls. 

Tracy Morgan and others sue Wal-Mart after semi-truck crash

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan was released from a rehabilitative center this week and will begin what is called an “aggressive” outpatient rehabilitative program. After he was released, it was announced that he had initiated a lawsuit against Wal-Mart. Morgan’s limousine van was struck from behind by a semi truck owned by Wal-Mart and driven by an employee of the retail giant.

Why investigations are crucial in motorcycle accidents

In our last post, we highlighted simple, yet important things that motorcycle riders could do to avoid accidents during the holiday weekend, as the Fourth of July is widely known as a dangerous time to be on the road. While there have not been any major reports of motorcycle crashes over the holiday weekend, it is important to conduct thorough investigations when they do occur.

How motorcycle riders can be safe during the holiday

With scores of people set to take to the road later this week for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, there will be many motorcycle riders along with them. Call it the result of higher gas prices or the natural progression of people who love the open road during the summer, but motorcycle accidents tend to increase during the summer. Because of this trend, drivers and riders alike must be vigilant.