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Whiplash, a common injury following a rear-end collision

Some injuries suffered in automobile accidents may not seem immediately apparent. Whiplash, in particular, is a common injury seen after a rear-end collision. The symptoms associated with whiplash may seem minor at first, but, without proper treatment, Arizona residents may experience long-term issues as a result.

Whiplash is an injury that occurs when the soft tissues in the neck are over-extended. In rear-end collisions, this happens when the neck is suddenly lashed backward then forward. Symptoms of this type of injury may not present for days after an accident. Common symptoms include:

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Problems with memory or concentration
  • Irritability

Those who suspect they have suffered whiplash in an auto accident would be wise to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is particularly true if the pain is severe or if pain, tingling or numbness extend into the shoulders, arms or legs. A physician will be able to run diagnostic tests, as well as perform a physical exam, to rule out any other issues. A number of procedures and therapies are available to help treat whiplash, though these treatments can be expensive and time consuming.

While whiplash is, generally, considered a treatable injury, there are those who experience chronic or long-term pain as a result. Arizona residents who have suffered this type of injury in a rear-end collision can pursue legal remedies in an effort to gain compensation for the damages done. A personal injury claim can be filed in a state civil court and, if litigation proves successful, monetary relief may be awarded.

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