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April 2015 Archives

Personal injury suffered due to burns is a common occurence

The number of people living in America who require medical treatment for burns is probably higher than most would think. The simple truth is that personal injury suffered due to burns is a fairly common occurrence. Arizona residents are, unfortunately, not immune to this type of injury.

Arizona driver arrested following fatal car crash investigation

There are a lot of terrible things that happen in this life. For parents, the death of a child is likely to be the worst thing that could possibly occur. Sadly, far too many parents in Arizona and in other states have had to try to cope with such a loss. While no loss of life is easy to deal with, if another person is believed responsible for the death, and that person seems uncaring, this can hurt loved ones even more. The driver deemed responsible for a fatal car crash that occurred last year was arrested recently, and her reaction to the incident is one that showed no remorse.

Arizona car accident: Impaired driving linked to numerous deaths

Impaired driving, which is driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, is a significant issue in Arizona and across the country. Thousands of people each year are injured or killed as the result of other individuals' choosing to drive while inebriated, in some form, which often results in a car accident. When injuries occur or when loved ones are lost due to the actions of impaired drivers, the recovery -- whether it is physical, emotional, financial or all of the above -- is often difficult and lives are forever changed.

Multi-vehicle car accident in Arizona kills 3

A multi-vehicle wreck in Arizona has claimed the lives of three people. The car accident, which occurred just a few days into the month of April, happened midday, a few hours north of Tucson on the U.S. 93. The road was closed for over three hours to allow authorities and cleanup crews to work the scene.

Arizona car accident -- distracted driving and fatality rates

When it comes to distracted driving, no state is immune. This inattentive behavior is considered a national epidemic. Thousands of people are injured or even killed in accidents where the driver responsible was found to have been distracted at the time of the crash. Those in Arizona who have been negatively affected by such a car accident are entitled to seek financial redress.

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