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Man believed responsible for fatal car crash arrested

An Arizona man is currently behind bars for his involvement in an auto accident that claimed the life of one woman and left two other people injured. The car crash reportedly occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, Oct. 22. A total of three vehicles were involved in the wreck.

Authorities say that the driver of a pickup truck ran a red light and collided with a passenger car. The force of impact pushed the car into a semi truck that was waiting at the light. The driver of the passenger car died in the wreck, while her passenger -- a 23-year-old woman -- suffered life-threatening injuries. The driver of the semi -- a 45-year-old male -- was also hurt, though his injuries are said to have been relatively minor.

The driver of the pickup -- a 26-year-old male -- was arrested and booked into jail. The charges against him include aggravated assault, endangerment and negligent homicide. It has not been reported if court dates have already been scheduled regarding this case.

While the driver believed responsible for this fatal car crash is facing criminal charges for his actions, he may also face civil claims if the surviving victims and the family members of the deceased choose to seek compensation for the losses they have sustained. These individuals may file personal injury, wrongful death and any other claims applicable to their circumstances. Those claims that are successfully litigated in an Arizona civil court may achieve monetary judgments for all damages that are deemed recoverable.

Source: abc15.com, "Phoenix Police investigating deadly multi-car crash; driver in custody", Oct. 22, 2016