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Impaired driving questioned in fatal car crash

Police in Arizona are investigating the cause of an accident that killed two people and injured two others. This car crash occurred in Ahwatukee. At this time, it is unclear if impairment was a contributing factor.

According to local reports, authorities received word of a wrong-way driver near Pecos Road and Interstate 10, during the afternoon on Dec. 13. It has been said that the driver of an SUV smashed into the front end of a pickup truck in the westbound lanes of the I-10 transition ramp. The driver of the SUV and a passenger in that same automobile were killed in the wreck.

The driver and a passenger of the pickup -- their ages and genders are unknown -- were both severely hurt. Both individuals were transported to an area hospital with unspecified injuries; though, they were said to be in critical condition. Their current conditions have not been reported.

While the driver believed responsible for this tragic car crash died in the wreck, according to state laws, those injured and the family members of the deceased passenger may still have legal recourse. Personal injury, wrongful death actions and any other applicable legal claims may be filed against the driver's estate in an effort to seek damages. An experienced attorney can assist those negatively affected by this event with filing and litigating the appropriate claims in an Arizona civil court. With help, maximum compensation may be achieved for any economic and non-economic damages sustained by the victims or their loved ones.

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