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April 2014 Archives

Are hands free systems really safer than handheld cell phones?

Many new vehicles are being equipped with hands-free and Bluetooth systems that enable drivers to use their phones while driving without holding them. Becuase of this, a growing number of consumers believe that using their phones in this fashion is substantially safer. After all, taking one’s eyes off the road to type in phone numbers or to send text messages on a hand held device is a nationally recognized hazard.

NTSB investigates devastating truck-bus collision

If you've watched the news recently, you've probably seen coverage of the devastating crash involving a tour bus and a FedEx truck in California. The accident has taken the lives of 10 people, including both drivers, five students and three chaperones. The bus, which was reportedly occupied by 48 people, was carrying high school students to a college recruitment event.

Marines at Twentynine Pines considered high-risk drivers

A tragic irony involving U.S. Marines is being reported by ABC News. More service members from the Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms in California have been lost in the United States than at war overseas in the last seven years. Specifically, 64 soldiers have perished in car accidents, homicides, training accidents and drownings while stateside, compared to 60 service members killed while in the Middle East.