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There are many hospital-acquired illnesses that injure, kill

Many individuals tend to think of hospitals as safe places where patients get nursed back to health. Most wouldn't imagine that they'd experience declined health or even die at their nurses' and doctors' hands. Yet, hundreds, if not thousands, of patients are either injured or develop a secondary illness in hospitals each year in the United States though.

Statistics surrounding why hospital-acquired injuries occur show that they often result from a patient being crushed, breaking a bone during a fall or getting burned by medical devices or equipment.

Health care research firm The Leapfrog Group suggests that many of these injuries occur because there are too few staff members to tend to the needs of patients. Many who are immobile may need to use the bathroom or become restless in bed. That's when they're most apt to try to get up unassisted and fall. When these patients fall, many suffer disabling injuries from which they may never recover.

Another type of injury that a patient is at high risk of suffering in a hospital setting is a pressure sore. This injury is caused by someone being left in the same position for an extended period of time. Like burns, if untreated, these ulcers can become infected and penetrate to the muscles or bones. This is incredibly painful and can also require amputation and lead to a patient's death.

While we only hear stories in the news when doctors or nurses make mistakes that seriously injure or kill patients, countless others suffer recoverable injuries. Even in these situations, it's important a patient's medical team be held accountable for their indiscretions. A Tucson hospital & doctor's errors attorney who has an inside understanding of the medical system is who you'll want on your side to request damages on your behalf.