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Major errors are made during surgery each year

Not all illnesses and injuries will require medical treatment to heal, but many do. Medical treatment can include medications, various medical equipment and, in some situations, surgery. When people have surgery they put a lot of trust in the doctors that the surgery will be performed correctly, and most of the time that is true.

However, doctors and other medical professionals are human and, just like everyone else, they make mistakes from time to time. There are risks involved in every surgery and some complications are not the fault of doctors, but some surgical errors are clearly the doctors' fault and should never happen.

It may be a low percentage, but estimates are that the wrong body part is operated on one in 100,000 surgeries, which equates to approximately 500 surgeries a year. Medical instruments are left in people are a higher rate of approximately one in 7,600 surgeries, or approximately 5,000 surgeries a year.

When these major mistakes are made during surgery it can create even greater medical issues for the patient, who may require even more surgeries and incur more costs and health problems. In these situations, which are clearly the mistake of the doctors, the victim may be entitled to compensation

There are many reasons that people in Arizona require surgery. It could be because of sudden injuries, such as broken bones or torn ligaments. People also may need surgery due to body parts wearing down over time, such as knee or hip replacements. However, no matter what the reason is, the expectation is that the doctor will perform the surgery on the right body parts and not make other major mistakes. If these types of mistakes are made people may be entitled to compensation.

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