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Reducing social media anxiety during the divorce process in Arizona

To ensure they do not experience unneeded anxiety, divorcees should be careful about how they use social media sites during the divorce process.

Social media sites, like Facebook, are a prominent part of people's lives in Arizona and throughout the country. According to the Pew Research Center, 57 percent of all American adults use Facebook and approximately 64 percent of all users visit this social networking site on a daily basis. Although social media gives people the opportunity to connect with friends and family members, these sites can be a source of unneeded anxiety for those ending their marriage during the divorce process.

Managing social media effectively

According to The Huffington Post, social media sites can complicate and potentially hinder the healing process during and after divorce if not used carefully. To effectively manage their presence on social media sites, those going through the divorce process should:

  • Avoid looking at their former spouse's profiles on a regular basis and consider blocking him or her or removing him or her from their list of connections
  • Use these sites as a way to coordinate events with friends to ensure that they are surrounded by a support system they can rely on during this difficult time
  • Refrain from posting negative thoughts about their ex-spouse online for others to see
  • Change the passwords on all of their social media profiles to ensure their privacy
  • Remove photos of themselves and their former spouse from their social media profiles

Those who struggle to manage their activities on social media sites during the many legal proceedings that surround the divorce process should consider taking a break from social media to facilitate the healing process. While this may create a sense of withdrawal at first, divorcees who do this may be able to gain the distance they need from their ex-spouse.

How social media can affect divorce cases

Not only should those getting a divorce use certain strategies to properly handle their social networking activities during the process, but divorcees should also keep in mind that social media can have a negative or a positive effect on certain aspects of their divorce. For example, according to Forbes, social media activity can be used in divorce proceedings related to property division and reveal when a spouse is trying to hide assets. If a spouse posts pictures of his or her new car or expensive trip out of the country on Facebook, but claims in court that he or she does not have the means to make alimony or child support payments, this information can be used against him or her.

In addition to concerns about how social media activity could impact their divorce case, those getting a divorce in Arizona may also be worried about their financial stability post-divorce and how their time with their children will be affected by the decision to end their marriage. If you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, speak with an attorney to receive legal guidance and direction at this time.

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