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July 2015 Archives

Arizona car accident: the dangers of distraction

When out on the road, it is not uncommon to see someone doing something while driving that takes that individual's attention from the most important task at hand. People can be seen grooming, texting or talking on their phones, eating or even just paying more attention to passengers rather than their surroundings. Whether in Arizona or elsewhere, any distraction is considered a major safety concern and can result in a car accident.

Man suffers serious personal injury after being hit by a car

An Arizona man required emergency medical care after being struck by a car, recently. The personal injury he is said to have experienced is quite serious. While few details have been released regarding this accident, police are still investigating and more details are likely to emerge.

A teen's personal injury suffered at birth is still being treated

When it comes to birth-related injuries, there are those that can be repaired early on through medical intervention. Others, however, can lead to years of suffering or even permanent damages. For an Arizona teen, the personal injury he suffered at birth has required multiple treatments over the years and has been a drain on family finances.

Car crash at intersection linked to high blood alcohol content

Fourth of July weekend is one of the most notoriously dangerous holiday weekends on the road because of drunk driving -- in Arizona and throughout the United States. According to the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety, 443 people were arrested for driving under the influence between Friday and Sunday of the holiday weekend. In over one-third of those arrests, the blood alcohol content of the motorist was over .15. The legal limit in Arizona is .08 percent. Police blamed a fatal car crash in Phoenix over the holiday weekend on negligent drunk driving.

Dui drivers cause 1 in 4 cases of personal injury in car crashes

It is reported that one in every four injuries resulting from car accidents in the United States, including Arizona, involves a drunk driver. In addition to endangering their own lives, drunk drivers can also cause personal injury or death to passengers and others in or near the roadway. It is, therefore, not surprising that authorities regularly engage in enforcement programs to limit the devastation caused by drunk drivers.

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