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Pregnant women induced after 39 weeks may have more complications

A study published on May 9 by researchers at the University of South Florida suggests that when pregnant women have their births induced, it may adversely impact their risk factors for birth injuries.

Researchers combed through the medical records for a significant sample of pregnant woman before reaching this conclusion. In doing so, they found that healthy women who have their labor induced at 39 weeks appeared to be far less likely to suffer complications including having to have a cesarean section C-section) than those who had this happen at the 41 week period or further along in their pregnancy.

Data they compiled suggested that the 41 week mark in a pregnancy was a pretty pivotal one. It's apparently as a woman's remains pregnant beyond that point that she becomes more susceptible to suffering a birth injury, dying in childbirth or having a stillborn baby. They also tend to suffer from high blood pressure, also known as preclampsia, something that can put baby's health at significant risk as well.

Researchers suggest that recent increases in the U.S.' maternal mortality, stillbirth and C-section rates in recent years may be linked to women enduring longer pregnancies before they're induced. They also suggest that increases in C-sections could be related to babies being larger than they once were. They attribute this to an increased obesity epidemic in the U.S.

If you or your baby have been left with lasting ill-effects after your pregnancy was induced well after the 39-week point in your pregnancy, then a Tucson attorney can advise you of your right to file a lawsuit in your case.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, "USF study: Inducing labor at 39 weeks may be better for mother and baby," Justine Griffin, May 09, 2018

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